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Robert Frankland

Project Title: Fixture and strategy definition for aerofoil manufacturing


Academic Supervisor: Dr Charles Lord

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Erdem Ozturk

Industry Sponsor: Senior Aerospace Weston

My current research is in the field of fixture design, specifically for aerofoils. As these components have diverse geometric profiles the fixture techniques required for them are highly adaptable and have the ability to fixture a wide range of geometries. In the course of my first year I will undertake research into new types of fixturing and test current methods to get a deeper understanding of the dynamics occurring whilst the machining cycle runs.


I am doing an Eng.D. to further develop my skills in the field of machining science and to pursue a topic that I personally find interesting. It is my aim that at the end of this process I will have developed a diverse skill set and wide knowledge base that I can leverage to improve machining processes and carve out a career for myself.


In my spare time I like to do Judo and have an interest in photography.