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Dr Nathan Ray

The EngD program from the IDC has provided an excellent platform for exposure to the advanced manufacturing industry, helping to land me my dream job. The course is run through the AMRC provides students with a vast range of opportunities to get involved with the AMRC’s wider range of projects, often with other industrial partners, and encourages relationship building within the vast network of members the AMRC has. In my case, I was lucky enough to work on a project with NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe Ltd alongside my EngD studies, which has progressed into my current role with them.


My current role with NIKKEN is Senior Research and Innovation Manager, and I’m based at the NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe (NICe) on the Advanced Manufacturing Park. The NIKKEN name is derived from the Japanese phrase for “research every day”, and the EngD has set me up perfectly for this position given the careful balance of academic and industrial research and development. The role involves steering and assisting with the research and development of NIKKEN’s worldwide product portfolio, including applying NIKKEN’s innovations to manufacturing processes and industries to enhance performance. More specifically, NIKKEN is moving towards smart manufacture and Industry 4.0 integration, which I am heavily involved in the development of, using skills learnt directly through the EngD program.

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