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Dr Oliver Hatt

Graduated 2016

I embarked on my EngD journey in July 2012 which investigated tool wear in titanium alloy machining. It was co-sponsored by EPSRC and Sandvik Coromant and was supervised by Dr Martin Jackson in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and was lucky enough to work with some great people.


I was able to conduct my experimental machining trials at the AMRC and carry out most of my characterisation work at the University. My final thesis resulted in numerous publications, and I was also fortunate enough to present my work at international conferences. The IDC is also a great environment for networking as you have the opportunity to mix with people from both industry and academia.


The University and the AMRC are always highly supportive with provision of funds and materials etc. I was never unable to get the things I needed in order to achieve the project deliverables.


Hatt, O., Lomas, Z., Thomas, M., Jackson, M. 2018. ‘The effect of titanium alloy chemistry on machining induced tool crater wear characteristics’. Wear 408-409, 200-207.

Read paper here

Hatt, O., Crawforth.P., Jackson, M. 2017. ‘On the mechanism of tool crater wear during titanium alloy machining’. Wear 374-375, 15-20.

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Hatt, O., Larsson, H., Giuliani, F., Crawforth, P., Wynne, B., and Jackson, M. 2016. ‘Predicting Chemical Wear in Machining Titanium Alloys via a Novel Low Cost Diffusion Couple Method’. Procedia CIRP 45, 219-222.

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