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Felix J Mundanmany

Project Title: Process monitoring during grinding of novel aerospace alloys

Academic Supervisor: Dr Graeme Manson

AMRC Supervisor: Dr David Curtis

Industry Sponsor: AMRC

EngD in process monitoring brings together the two elements of engineering work I value the most: Industrial exposure and in-depth analysis. I took up this opportunity to expand further upon a subject area that I explored through my final project in my master degree. Now I am delighted to take the area of data analytics and process monitoring within machining science to the next level.

As a young one, I have always been intrigued by new technology and the advancement in the first-world environment. I have been always motivated to make a difference by deploying new technologies in my everyday life. This mindset along with my passion for flying objects took me on an aerospace degree within my undergraduate studies. This is where I found my fascination for deploying data-analytics within the aerospace industry and set me off on a self-teaching path in programming and now on an EngD. Outside work I like to keep myself away from a desk and love to spend time either playing football or ploughing myself towards earning any kind of a flying licence (Currently on halt due to Covid-19 pandemic)

Industry 4.0 has been a great push within the manufacturing world and has indeed proven to be the future for manufacturing. My project sits within the same paradigm but I would like to create increased efficiency and productivity within grinding using the vast amount of data that is gathered within the already digitised machines. Within my project, the emphasis would be towards monitoring the grinding process using the machine data already available.