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Gabriel Osborne

Project Title: Distortion and Residual Stress Management during High Tolerance Piston Manufacture

Academic Supervisor: Dr Christophe Pinna
AMRC Supervisor: Dr Ravi Bilkhu

Industry Sponsor: Collins Aerospace

My project will focus on distortion and residual stress management during high tolerance piston manufacture. Understanding how residual stresses develop in these parts will hopefully allow for distortion to be minimised, and increase the number of parts that come out in specification.

After completing my Master’s in materials science, a graduate scheme did not appeal to me. An EngD seemed to offer me the opportunity to pursue original research in a field I enjoy, using knowledge I gained in my undergraduate degree, as well as new skills that I will develop in the process. The field of machining science is an area of engineering that has interested me for some time, so carrying out my research at a world leading institution, with the support of my industry sponsor, was an opportunity too good to pass. Although my background is predominantly materials based, being part of the IDC will grant me all the benefits of having peers and supervisors with many different areas of expertise.

For the past 6 years I've been an avid rock climber. The flexible nature of this course will hopefully allow me to effectively manage my research with my passion for climbing.