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Gloria Adenike Taiwo

Project Title: Evaluation of Advanced Grinding Platform Technologies for High-Performance Aerospace Machining Applications


Academic Supervisor: Dr Hassan Ghadbeigi

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Dave Curtis

Industry Sponsor: Rolls-Royce and United Grinding Group

As I am in the first year of the study, I am familiarising myself with the basics of machining and grinding. As my mini projects have not yet been determined, I have also started to explore academic literature which are specific to High Performance Grinding.


Having returned to academia to undertake a Masters’ degree in Aerospace Materials, I chose to stay on at the university to embark on an EngD in Machining Science because of its combined input from academic and direct industrial perspectives. In carrying out this EngD, I am exposed to a wealth of knowledge from my academic, industrial and AMRC supervisors. This is an advantage which is uncommon in doctoral programmes. I have always been interested in the research of aerospace materials. Hence, this EngD affords me the perfect opportunity to understand the science behind the manufacture (particularly grinding) of these complex materials. In my study, I will be researching and comparing the effects and control of various high performance grinding capabilities on novel aerospace materials with respect to their feature geometries and accompanying technologies. Effectively, my project will involve the consolidation of the attributes of several grinding processes which are usually considered a black art.


Throughout the course of this doctorate, I will be able conduct my research using state-of-the-art equipment and provide solutions which are directly relevant to the industry. This is because the facilities which are present at the AMRC are similar to those which are currently used in the industry. Likewise, I will also be able to make use of the skills which were instrumental in my previous role as a project engineer and develop new skills as an independent researcher. Another attractive aspect of this EngD is that the skills developed over the course of this doctorate will be used towards the achievement of a chartership (CEng) within an engineering institution.


In addition to the aforementioned, embarking on an EngD under the umbrella of the university and the AMRC also provides me a solid platform for future opportunities in my continued career within the industry.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading novels, braiding hair (an intricate art), taking walks and exploring the Peak District. I am also a singer and lend my voice to the occasional band performance.