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Jack Palmer

Project Title: Optimisation of Finish Machining of Advanced Aerospace Materials

Academic Supervisor: Dr Hassan Ghadbeigi

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Dave Curtis

Industrial Sponsor: Rolls-Royce plc

The project is focused on finish machining of aerospace materials with a particular interest in the optimisation of grinding operations to reduce costs and improve the surface integrity of Gas Turbine engine components.


The project focuses on furthering the scientific understanding of form grinding operations which is traditionally seen as a ‘black art’. Rolls-Royce has a constant drive towards process optimisation and Jack's project looks at further improving the grinding and finishing operations of turbine components.


Jack is investigating the influence of dressing on the performance of different grinding tools with the aim of achieving an intelligent dressing process as well as creating a knowledge database on the effect of different machine/consumable parameters. This work will enable industry to make better informed manufacturing decisions when determining the grinding process for a component.