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Jack Secker

Project Title: Proving novel experimentation methods to improve commercialisation of cutting fluids to aerospace manufacturing markets


Academic Supervisor: Dr William Zimmerman

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Chris Taylor

Industry Sponsor: Hangsterfer's Laboratories

My project involves providing novel experimental methods to improve the commercialisation of cutting fluids to aerospace manufacturing markets. Cutting fluid performance is predominantly measured on tool life and surface quality, so, a design of experiments strategy will be employed to justify fluid formulation. Fundamentals of tribology and finite element analysis will be utilised to provide a deeper understanding of tool surface interactions to build a model of the relationship between the fluid-structure and the resultant solid contact. A novel testing method will be utilised to test coolants in standardised, machining-like conditions in order to assess performance and gain further interface into the tribological interactions. Cost modelling will also be used to provide evidence of fiscal benefits, this will help bridge product to market.

Coming from a Chemical Engineering background, the idea of joining a machining institute seemed quite daunting at first, but the structure of the IDC has enabled me to integrate into the Mechanical Engineering department with ease. The EngD programme perfectly combines the academic exploration carried out at university with the cutting-edge technology utilised within innovative industrial processes.


Khan, T., Broderick, M., Sajid, S.A., Secker, J. and Taylor, C. 2021. 'Development of an enhanced single point milling procedure to screen metalworking cutting fluid performance in terms of tool wear when machining aerospace alloys'. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture 235:10, 1644-1654.

Race, A., Zweirzak, I., Secker, J., Walsh, J., Carrell, J., Slatter, T. and Maurott, A. 2021. 'Environmentally sustainable cooling strategies in milling of SA156: Effects on surface integrity of dry, flood and MQL machining'. Journal of Cleaner Production 288, 125580.