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Josh Priest

Project Title: Towards a physical hybrid numerical-analytical modelling methodology for drilling operations in metallic materials

Academic Supervisor: Dr Hassan Ghadbeigi

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Sabino Ayvar-Soberanis

Industry Sponsor: Sandvik Coromant

I am doing an EngD in machining science as it gives me an opportunity to carry out novel research with industrial impact to move towards a more sustainable future for the manufacturing industry. 

My research involves developing hybrid finite element and analytical modelling methods to predict the mechanics of drilling in metallic materials with reduced simulation times for industrial application. To achieve this, I have also developed improved phenomenologically based friction models that better represent the physics of the tool-chip-workpiece interactions for machining simulations through experimental tribological testing. 


Priest, J., Ghadbeigi, H., Ayvar-Soberanis, S. and Geradis, S. 2021. '3D finite element modelling of drilling: The effect of modelling method'. CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology 35, 158-168.

Priest, J., Ghadbeigi, H., Ayvar-Soberanis, S. and Liljerehn, A. 2021. 'Effects of coefficient of friction coupled with a deformation dependent friction model in cutting simulations'. Procedia CIRP 102, 429-434.

Priest, J., Ghadbeigi, H., Ayvar-Soberanis. S. and Liljerehn, A. 2022. 'A modified Johnson-Cook constitutive model for improved thermal softening prediction of machining simulations in C45 steel'. Procedia CIRP