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Leon Proud

Project Title: Cryogenic and CO2 Coolants During Machining of Next-Generation Aircraft-Grade Materials

Academic Supervisor: Dr Tom Slatter

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Nikos Tapoglou

Industry Sponsor: AMRC

An EngD in machining science provides me with the perfect opportunity to challenge myself in a field which is both fast paced and incredibly expansive. From a young age I held a keen interest in maths and physics, however I felt that they were often hamstrung with real world operational limitations. Having discussed my concerns with my sixth form physics teacher, he suggested that I consider pursuing a career in engineering, within which Aerospace seemed like the natural choice, I'd always held an interest in aircraft and had hoped (and in fact still hope) to obtain my private pilot’s licence. In the first three years of my degree, I struggled with direction, unsure as to where my career would fall post-graduation. In the final year of my degree I elected to undertake a final year project examining the fatigue performance of an Aerospace alloy, only to be told by chance that my project instead would focus on novel tool coatings for Titanium alloy machining. As I began researching the literature I developed a keen interest and respect for the roll of manufacturing in the engineering process, appreciating that without the enabling roll that manufacture plays the modern world would undoubtedly cease to exist. Upon completion of my final year project I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in research, electing to undertake an EngD with the following working title: "Cryogenic and C02 coolants during the machining of next generation aircraft grade materials". I'm currently extremely excited to get my research underway, and to ultimately add to the consortium of knowledge in the field.

Aside from engineering, my main hobbies are all things sporting. I've played football from a very young age, I ski, play badminton, squash and have tried (emphasis on tried) almost every other sport which you could think of (American football, tennis, enduro etc.). I’m also in the process of learning to play guitar, much to my neighbour’s dismay.