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Lisa Alhadeff

Project Title: Micromachining of Novel Alloys for the Watch Industry

Academic Supervisor: Dr Tom Slatter

AMRC Supervisor: Dr David Curtis

Sponsor: Bremont Watch Company

Lisa is currently exploring the use of non-conventional machining methods for the watch company Bremont, whose aim is to manufacture chronometer watches from entirely British-made components.


She is working on two strands - wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) and micro-milling. Both of these methods are capable of producing intricate geometrical shapes to high tolerances.


WEDM uses thermoelectric energy to remove material from a workpiece and a huge number of input variables. An increase in any variable can increase the material removal rate (MRR) but poorer surface generation rate (Ra), or vice versa. Micro-milling behaves somewhat differently to conventional machining and is thus difficult to study.