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Marius Monoranu

Project Title: Characterisation of machining-induced damage in composite materials


Academic Supervisor: Dr Hassan Ghadbeigi

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Kevin Kerrigan

Composite materials can easily be damaged by machining processes. These are needed to cut and reshape the material for a particular application. This damage leads to early failure of the material and is due to the release of residual stress that is locked into the composite during cure. When the material removal process takes place, the mechanical constraints are eliminated and misfits are released in the form of large deformations resulting in damage. The induced surface damage quantified by the surface roughness parameters typically used in metal cutting is not sufficient in characterising the surface finish of composite materials. The damaged surface leads to delamination, matrix and fibre cracks, and the failure of the material.


The aim of my project is to quantify machining-induced damage in carbon fibre composites, especially carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP) using experimental techniques.  State of the art laboratory analysis including 3D surface texture analysis, 2D and 3D experimental stress analysis techniques along with mechanical testing of CFRP will be used to measure and characterise the surface induced damage. The results will facilitate a better understanding of the relation between cutting mechanism and surface roughness. Furthermore, a correlation between the machining-induced damage of the component surface and the mechanical proprieties of a composite material will be identified.


I chose to study a PhD to delve into and push the boundaries of knowledge of composite machining. I enjoy both self-study and group work and I am sure a PhD will enable my personal and professional development. After I successfully finish this doctorate programme, I wish to pursue a career at the boundary between academia and industry. I enjoy the diversity of work and challenges and in my spare, I try staying in shape by leading a 5-aside football team. Also, I recently started playing squash and reading more.