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Nikita Pietrow

Project Title: High-Speed Abrasive Machining

Academic Supervisors: Dr Hassan Ghadbeigi

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Dave Curtis

Industry Sponsor: Rolls-Royce

With the rapid and consistent growth of the aerospace market, it is increasingly important to understand how tools and materials respond to machining processes in order to optimise the manufacturing route. Grinding, in particular, is used as a finishing process for a number of aerospace components. My project is focused on assessing the use of small abrasive tools (grinding points) for high-value manufacturing. Over the course of the project I will be investigating new cutting strategies, cutting modes, cutting parameters and their effect on the machined surface integrity for a range of high-value aerospace materials, with a particular emphasis on steels and Nickel superalloys. 


During the first year of the EngD, I will be working on a number of small mini projects. The first project has been focused on investigating the impact of grinding with wheels containing conventional and engineered grinding wheel grit morphologies on surface integrity of a single crystal Nickel superalloy. The second project involves conducting machining trials using point grinding tools on steel.


I was attracted by the unique combination of postgraduate research and industrial focus that the EngD offers. I see the EngD as an investment of time into my personal and professional development.