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Peter Neal

Project Title: Driveline and transmission of the future

Academic Supervisor: Dr Russell Goodall

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Ben Kitcher

Industry Sponsor: Ricardo

I believe engineering innovation is fundamentally drawn from a desire to be the best and over the past century Ricardo have established themselves as the go-to people for solving automotive engineering problems. Reduction in weight is an area of research that is becoming increasingly crucial in the improvement of performance and emissions and during my Eng.D. I will be working alongside Ricardo to overcome this hurdle. Throughout my research I will have access to state-of-the-art equipment at the AMRC, Ricardo’s wealth of industrial experience and some of the brightest minds in academia at the University; however, I will still have the autonomy to set my own goals and guide my own research.

The nature of the Eng.D. allows me to become an expert in the field of automotive materials whilst gaining the personal skills that will allow me to be an effective research engineer in the future.

I’ve played the guitar since I was very young and the flexibility of the Eng.D. will hopefully allow me to pick it back up and channel my inner Hendrix again. The lads from the IDC have also got me into Age of Empires, so I’m hoping to be a bit of an expert in that in a few years’ time.