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Sebastian Dabrowski

Project Title: The development of next-generation cutting tools for high-value aerospace components


Academic Supervisor: Dr Christophe Pinna

AMRC Supervisor: Adam Brown

Industry Sponsor: Kyocera SGS Precision Tools

With the rapidly increasing volume at which we are cutting metals, any improvements to the cutting process can have a significant effect on the overall efficiency. Hence, the topic of developing next generation cutting tools is a very exciting one as it will enable me to understand the fundamentals of the cutting process, look at it critically and utilise an array of methods ranging from the finite element to experimental methods to identify desired characteristics in cutting tools for the purpose of process optimisation.

The ability to become an expert in the field of machining while having a high level of autonomy and a healthy balance between industry and academia is what attracted me towards the EngD.

My spare time mostly involves going to the gym and socialising.