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Tharshan Thatparan

Project Title: Simulation of Machining-Induced Surface Damage in Metal Cutting


Academic Supervisor: Dr Hassan Ghadbeigi

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Sabino Ayvar-Soberanis

Industry Sponsor: AMRC

At present, the capability of simulating machining-induced surface integrity in aerospace metals is limited in trying to present the primary physics that occurs at the surface. To provide further understanding on the machined surface quality, the aim of this project is to formulate a new hybrid modelling platform - for instance, Finite Element Modelling (FEM) & Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) - that can illustrate the tool and workpiece interactions with conditions of high-strain-rate deformations, whilst considering microstructural behaviour effects on aerospace materials such as Inconel (a Nickel-based superalloy).

Curiosity has led me down the path towards becoming a mechanical engineer. Through research and skill development for the duration of the EngD, I feel that the programme provides the smooth transition towards industry standard work by bringing impact to the machining industry.

I like to go swimming in my leisure, listening to music, and taking a walk out around the city.