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Tom Childerhouse

Project Title: Advancing tool material and cutting technology for near net shape manufacture of titanium alloy components

Academic Supervisor: Dr Martin Jackson

AMRC Supervisor: Dr Nikos Tapoglou

Industry Sponsor: Seco Tools and Element Six

My research focuses on analysing the machining response of titanium alloy components processed via emerging near net shape routes such as powder bed additive manufacturing (AM) and field assisted sintering (FAST) technology. The project aims to achieve a better understanding of how finish machining of these components influences their performance in fatigue critical applications through linking the surface integrity response of the material to their fatigue behaviour.

Working closely with tooling manufacturers Seco Tools and Element 6 I am assessing the performance of their existing products in these applications, as well as developing new tool geometries for better wear performance in these applications


I'm doing an EngD to have the chance to work on projects relating to state of the art machining technology to gain expertise in this subject as well as to make a research contribution.


I love playing and listening to music as well as getting out in the peak district when it's nice out.


Childerhouse, T., and Jackson, M. 2019. ‘Near Net Shape Manufacture of Titanium Alloy Components from Powder and Wire: A Review of State-of-the-Art Process Routes’. Metals 9:689, 1-18.

Read paper here

Childerhouse, T., Hernandez-Nava, E., M'Saoubi, R., Tapoglou, N., and Jackson, M. 2020. 'Surface and sub-surface integrity of Ti-6Al-4V components produced by selective electron beam melting with post-build finish machining'. Procedia CIRP 87, 309-314.

Read paper here