Cohort 4 2015-20

Chandula Wickramarachchi.jpg
Chandula Wickramarachchi

My interest in machining science grew during my master’s degree, where I completed a 15 month placement in the machining group at Nuclear AMRC, working as an assistant project engineer.

Lisa Alhadeff.jpg
Lisa Alhadeff

The best thing about being an EngD/PhD student is the freedom you have to work on what you want. Compared to my equivalent in industry, I have amazing levels of autonomy and I love it.

Sam Ashworth.png
Sam Ashworth

The Industrial Doctorate Centre offered the perfect mix of academia and industry which  I hope will make me more employable on completion of my studies as well as letting me benefit from two types of institution. 

Huseyin Celikag.jpg
Huseyin Celikag

My PhD project focusses on improving various aspects of the dynamics of machining with industrial robots.

Mate Toth.jpg
Máté Tóth

I am developing a dynamic model of grinding to predict and prevent unwanted process vibrations, which have a number of negative effects, including reduced grinding wheel life and inadequate workpiece surface finish.


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