Applying for the PhD and EngD in Machining Science

  1. Read  Current PhD and EngD Vacancies to identify the project you are interested in applying for.

  2. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.

  3. Go to:

  4. Create an account if necessary and log in.

  5. Complete "Part 1 - Your Details".

  6. In "Part 2 - Course Applications" > choose "Add New Research Course".

  7. Under "Qualification applying for?" > select the "Doctoral Training Course".

  8. Under "Which Doctoral Training Course do you want to apply for?" > select "EngD Machining Science (DTC)"or "PhD Machining Science (DTC)" as appropriate.

  9. In the Text box enter the title of the project you wish to apply for (from the current opportunities).

  10. Complete the remaining details on this and subsequent screens, uploading any necessary documents.

  11. Supervisor details can be left blank; under funding choose "Studentship or scholarship" and "Funding confirmed".

  12. Please include in your supporting statement why you are interested in the project and how you will contribute to it.

  13. Check all the details, upload any required documents, and  Submit the application.

Multiple Applications

If you wish to apply for more than one EngD or PhD, then you may do this as a single on-line application.  Please make it clear all the projects you are applying for and rank them in order of interest. You will need to include supporting statements for each project.


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