Machining Science and the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) sector

Machining Science is the application of engineering theories to improve the machining of metals, alloys and composite materials. It covers a wide range of operations where material is removed as part of the production process (e.g. hole generation, turning and finishing), and crosses many engineering disciplines including dynamics, vibration, tribology, materials science, control systems, drive and actuation systems, and robotics.

Machining Science is a vital research area for companies in the HVM sector (e.g. automotive, aerospace, medical engineering) where at least 25% of the process time for components arises from machining. The sector faces huge challenges, such as the difficulty of machining complex components from high performance (hence difficult to machine) materials, the cost of energy and raw materials, environmental sustainability, and the threat of international competition.

The IDC is dedicated to developing the next generation of postgraduate researchers in this crucial area of the UK economy. Our industry sponsors represent all parts of the HMV supply chain from materials suppliers through to aircraft manufacturers. Our current sponsors include :  Rolls-Royce, Safran Group, Seco Tools, Sandvik Coromant, Element Six, Hexagon Metrology and Carpenter Technology.