Research Groups

The IDC in Machining Science works with a number of different research groups at the AMRC. Click one of the links below to read more about the work the groups are doing at the AMRC, or click one of the photos to find out about the vacancies we have in each of these research areas.

  • Process Monitoring and Control – enabling lights-out machining by deploying the latest tools for intelligent, autonomous manufacturing.

  • Machining Dynamics – developing new methods to predict, diagnose and control machining vibration.

  • Machinability – understanding the characteristics of high-performance aerospace materials and cutting tools and exploring emergent machining techniques such as ultrasonic and cryogenic machining.

  • Process Modelling – developing a deeper understanding of metal cutting, composite machining, residual stress and distortion.

  • Grinding – improving productivity across the range of grinding and surface finishing operations whilst controlling part integrity precision.

  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing Development – creating next-generation knowledge-based CAM systems and generating more cost-efficient NC programs to reduce cutting time or improve tool life.

  • Gear Manufacturing – combining sophisticated software, modern machining centres and standard tooling as an alternative to traditional bespoke equipment and making it easier for companies to develop prototype gears, launch new designs and make a wider range of products.

  • We are also exploring unconventional machining techniques such as cryogenic machining, ultrasonic milling and drilling and abrasive waterjet machining of metals and composites.